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Are Hair Extensions Right For You?

Are hair extensions right for you? Ask a salon professional


While browsing through the news feeds of my Face book friends, I came across a video warning women about the dangers of hair weaves. As I watched my heart melted for the young lady in the video – her frontal hairline was completely bare!


The damage was so severe it extended 4 inches into the interior of her head. This is a prime example of hair extensions repeatedly being installed improperly.
Hair extensions have gain in popularity because they provide a moderate or extreme cosmetic alteration in a very short time frame (on average 30 minutes to 3 hours for various applications). However the decision to have hair extensions installed should not be taken lightly.
Applicants that wish to have hair extensions installed should seek the assistance a Licensed Salon Professional. I strongly suggest that you research the Salon Professional via social media, website, or referred by their clients. They should have knowledge and experience with different methods of hair extension applications to successfully and safely meet the needs of their guest, or not.
Unfortunately, everyone is not a candidate for hair extensions. A consultation with an Extension Specialist will inform you on which application will work best, or if you should pass on having extensions installed.


At C’ameleon Infinite Salon Solution the knowledge of our Extension Specialists enable us to provide various solutions to meet the demands of our guests. All extension applications come with a consultation and instructions for care between visits. 
Briana is wearing an integrated extension application. Four single wefts were added for strategically placed cornrows to give her the fullness and thickness she desires.

Briana HAIR Briana


Jamia received a revolutionary extension application. This unique system requires no glue, no braiding, no sewing, no clips, and no chemicals. The extensions are undetectable and very comfortable to wear. An entire application can be applied in less than 30 minutes.



Whitney wanted to extend the length of her beautiful locks for her wedding ceremony only. Twenty (20) inch clip-in extensions were used to give her tendrils (curls) that cascade to the small of her back.



Dri has a custom extension installation. I colored and installed two 18 inch bundles with a closure. One inch of hair in the frontal hairline was left out to blend with the extensions for a very natural looking finish.


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Samantha Huntley
Nothing tells the story of success like the one of Forecaster, Trendsetter, Educator, Beauty Columnist, Salon Owner, and Celebrity Master Hair Stylist Samantha "Sam" Huntley. Armed with a Bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University and a Cosmetology accreditation from Vance Granville Community College she began her dynamic beauty career. Huntley's unique and award winning hair creations instantly deemed her to be one of the most sought after hairstylist in Durham and the surrounding cities. In 1999 she became an International Brand Ambassador (educator) for the Professional Sales Division of Bronner Brother's Inc. While traveling throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe teaching her techniques to other hairstylists Huntley became driven to understand the structural composition of a strand of hair and how the hair shaft response to chemicals and ingredients of nature. She served as the Artistic and Educational Director (BB) Professional Sales Division from 2003 until 2014. Currently she shares her knowledge in her column in Spectacular Magazine.

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