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Diabetes & Hair Loss

As a beauty professional I frequently encounter what I think is a medical question. Does diabetes cause hair loss? Studies show that there is a direct correlation between diabetes and hair loss.

Hair is an appendage that reflects the body’s internal condition. Healthy hair is fed through the capillaries. Conditions such as type 1 diabetes (the body does not produce enough insulin – a hormone that converts sugar into energy) and type 2 diabetes (the body doesn’t utilize insulin effectively) elevate the blood glucose levels. This is because the hormone insulin is unable to transfer the sugar in the bloodstream to the cells to be stored or used as energy.

High glucose levels in the bloodstream prevent proper blood circulation to the roots and the follicles of hair. The lack of oxygen and nutrients will cause the hair to become weak and/or it may even stop growing and lose the ability to be revitalized or regenerate itself.

Women with diabetes are likely to experience hair loss because of a weaken immune system as well as malnourished roots and hair follicles due to a compromised circulatory system.

Eat foods that contain vitamins C, E and potassium.
Eat foods that contain vitamins C, E and potassium.

Alcohol should be consumed in very moderate amounts

For individuals living with diabetes there are things you can do to improve blood circulation and the health of the body’s organs. They are:

  • Establish a routine exercise regimen. This will increase blood circulation because the blood vessels in our muscles expand;
  • Do not use tobacco products. The carbon monoxide ingested from tobacco products contributes to the buildup of plaque and fat by destroying the thin layer of cells in the blood vessels that allow the blood to circulate smoothly. While the nicotine sends stress signals to the brain, the fat stored in cells are released into the Establish a routine exercise regimenbloodstream  for an extra boost of energy;
  • Alcohol should be consumed in very moderate amounts. Studies show that moderate consumption of alcohol will keep the fat in the blood balanced and in proportion.  Please consult a physician on what would be moderate alcohol consumption for your height and weight.
  • Eat foods that contain vitamins C, E and potassium. These vitamins will help regulate blood and widen blood vessels increasing blood circulation. Some examples are asparagus, apricot, grapefruit, green peas, green leafy vegetables, figs, raisins, pineapple, oranges, blackberries, etc.
  • Add Biotin supplements to your daily diet. They are known for promoting hair growth. Taking Biotin supplements will also increase blood circulation by helping to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates to help lower blood glucose levels. They are also food sources such as fish, soy beans, eggs and almonds that have significant amount of Biotin. For recommended daily intake of a Biotin supplement please consult your physician.
Add Biotin supplements to your daily diet
Add Biotin supplements to your daily diet

It the mission of C’ameleon Infinite Salon Solutions to provide the scalp and hair shaft of each of our guests with a healthy, growing environment. The salon professionals at C’ameleon Infinite Salon Solutions offer a therapeutic approach for rejuvenating or restoring the health of the scalp and hair shaft. We nourish the tresses of our guests with stimulating scalp massages with advanced hydrating formulas to instantly gratify guests with or without hair loss issues.

If you want strong, silky, velvety soft strands of hair, contact the salon professionals at C’ameleon Infinite Salon Solutions.

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