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Explore The Chameleon In You!

Hair and wardrobe styling are my passion, especially for makeovers and special events.  On January 31st the 1st Annual NC’s Beauty and Barbers United (BBU) Awards Showcase & Fashion Show was presented by Tim Johnson of Tim Johnson’s Productions in Raleigh, NC. The showcase celebrated the Legacy of Leaders in the beauty industry, as well as top stylist and barbers who have mastered their craft. I had the honor of styling two models for the Red Carpet and providing the first of many great and memorable impressions for the guests.



Model: Autumn

When Tim asked me to style the models for the red carpet at the BBU showcase  I was super excited .

This is an opportunity to produce some avant-garde(French term for innovative work in the field of art and/or culture) looks .
Autumn’s look is a very nostalgic and classical. I created her top stitching together  with three pre-fabricated beaded collars from Hancock Fabrics.  The skirt was purchased from a local thrift store . Pleats were stitc

hed into the skirt then stuffed with tulle.

Autumn’s Red Carpet hair is the Marilyn Monroe.  Medium size sections of Autumn’s hair were placed around pipe cleaners (found in the craft section at Wal-mart) in a figure-8 formation to create her Wavy Bob Afro.

Wardrobe: Samantha Huntley
Hair: Samantha Huntley
Photo: Cammel Hurse






Model: Alexi
Model: Alexi

The red carpet look for Alexi pushes the boundaries of beauty into a territory that’s daring. Although metal garments are usually associated with protection and strength, the intricate layers of form fitting petals of metal exclaims the vest created by Zack Shell to be a bold yet fashion forward kind beautiful work of art . The leather miniskirt and spike knee high boots add a very sexy edge.

Vest: Zack Shell
Photo: Cammel Hurse
Renaming wardrobe items furnished by Samantha Huntley







If you are planning a photo shoot, or just want to do something new, contact Samantha of Samantha’s Infinite Solutions, and Explore The Chameleon in you.
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Samantha Huntley
Nothing tells the story of success like the one of Forecaster, Trendsetter, Educator, Beauty Columnist, Salon Owner, and Celebrity Master Hair Stylist Samantha "Sam" Huntley. Armed with a Bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University and a Cosmetology accreditation from Vance Granville Community College she began her dynamic beauty career. Huntley's unique and award winning hair creations instantly deemed her to be one of the most sought after hairstylist in Durham and the surrounding cities. In 1999 she became an International Brand Ambassador (educator) for the Professional Sales Division of Bronner Brother's Inc. While traveling throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe teaching her techniques to other hairstylists Huntley became driven to understand the structural composition of a strand of hair and how the hair shaft response to chemicals and ingredients of nature. She served as the Artistic and Educational Director (BB) Professional Sales Division from 2003 until 2014. Currently she shares her knowledge in her column in Spectacular Magazine.

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