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Individual Lashes Vs. Eyelash Extensions

The fact that a first impression can be made without saying a word validates the English proverb, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” When Eyes are framed with beautiful, thick, long eyelashes a woman’s femininity gets a boost. They make eyes look bigger, alert, dramatic and seductive.

Ladies, adorn and arouse   the gateway to your inner persona  with longer, fuller eyelashes and if an Application of mascara doesn’t instantly gratify you, visit C’ameleon Salon.  Our Lash and Brow Specialist only install flawless Individual Lashes or Lash Extensions. If you are considering having Individual Lashes or Eyelash Extensions installed, below are important details about each application method.

Individual Eyelash Kit
Individual Eyelash Kit

Individual Eyelashes
Individual eyelashes are actually groups of three synthetic lashes attached to each other. They can be applied to the eyelid or directly to the eyelash with a temporary adhesive designed to last up to two weeks. Because the clusters are in groups of three they can be too heavy for ones natural lash to support. It can also be harmful to apply the cluster to more than one lash because natural lashes grow at different speeds.  A natural lash that grows faster can pull a natural lash that grows slower. If this occurs repeatedly there could be permanent damage (eyelid balding). However the application time is less than 30 minutes, and it is very budget friendly.

Individual eyelash kit contains:
– Short, medium and long clusters
-Temporary adhesive
– Bond remover

eyelash extensions
Individual Eyelash Extensions

– Tweezers

Eyelash Extensions
Unlike individual eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied one lash extension to one natural eyelash with a permanent adhesive. The lash extension should be applied directly to the natural eyelash only. As the natural eyelash shed (60 to 90 days) the eyelash extension will be removed also preventing any damage to the root if the eyelash extension is properly applied. Eyelash Extensions provides an undetectable, weightless  enhancement to natural eyelashes, and should be touched up between 3 to 6 weeks .

Beyoncé is known to give her natural lashes a boost with lash extensions (Photo: Paul Warner via Getty Images)
Beyoncé is known to give her natural lashes a boost with lash extensions (Photo: Paul Warner via Getty Images)

Individual Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions
Now that you have the details about both methods of applying extensions to your natural eyelashes, be sure to take all of these details into careful consideration. The goal is to select an eyelash installation that works best for you.

Maintaining your eyelash installation can be time-consuming and costly. Contact C’ameleon Salon for a consultation, mention this article and receive a 10% discount on a flawless Eyelash Extensions  installation.

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