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Wake Chapel Church Produced Movie: “There’s My Angel” Trailer, Final Premiere

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Movie Invite_Final Premiere

Final Movie Premiere is Sunday August 28, 7pm & 9pm

By Sherri Holmes

There’s My Angel inspires audiences through its story of struggle, love, sacrifice and redemption.  The film follows the life of a 12-year-old boy who is abandoned by his drug addicted mother and left with her friend from work. Struggling to find his place in the world, he mourns the loss of his mother but is uplifted by the love of his mother’s friend. Together they build a relationship that sustains them both as they face some of life’s most difficult challenges.  This is a film with that is filled with joy and hope.

There’s My Angel was produced by Wake Media Films LLC, a new company that is headed by Pastor J. Jasper Wilkins, Jr from Wake Chapel Church. This film is the company’s first production. Willie Hodges is the film’s Producer and Director.  He said, “Pastor Wilkins and I were traveling to a hospital to visit one of our church members. We were discussing new ways to reach youth, evangelize and help people that are bound by hopelessness.” Their conversation inspired Hodges to create this film.

According to Pastor Wilkins, “We were interested in expansion and reaching more people. To utilize film as an extension of outreach and help people to understand the meaning of life and how to cope with the reality of it.”

Developing There’s My Angel became an important mission for Wake Chapel Church. To create the film, Hodges drew upon the strength and talents of its church members. They developed sets, designed costumes and served as make-up artists. The soundtrack, which is an important part of telling the story, was composed by two church members. According to Hodges, “Certain songs had to go with certain scenes to help the film to move forward. We needed the right song to fit the feelings of the characters.”

When it came time to cast actors for the film, again the production benefited from the dedication and devotion of the church members. Hodges arranged for 3 months of acting and coaching workshops. Everyone in the church was invited to audition. Despite their lack of experience, the actors in the film showed depth and understanding that allowed them to effectively bring the characters to life.

There’s My Angel premiered at the Carolina Theatre in Durham on July 30th to a sold-out audience and received rave reviews. Pastor Wilkins and Hodges are exploring other venues for presenting There’s My Angel and hope it will continue to inspire audiences. Pastor Wilkins said, “We are trying to do something different and impactful to let young people know that there may be issues in your life that are keeping you from your dreams but we all make mistakes. You should never give up. Believe in your gifts and no matter how many times you fall down, you have to keep moving in the right direction. Things may be spiraling downward but there is still hope for you. If you want it there is still hope.”

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There’s My Angel Premiere Highlights:

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