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Are You Satisfied With Your Connection To Other Black Women Professionals & Entrepreneurs?

If your answer is no, what can you do about it?

Whether it’s because we don’t have enough time or energy, are distrustful after having been betrayed, or believe that supporting someone else lessens our own presence, sometimes we don’t take the time to or simply choose not to connect meaningfully with each other.

Black Women In Business is about building and nurturing the community of Black women professionals and entrepreneurs.  It’s our community that gives us strength to overcome the challenges with being Black and Women in the business world and it’s our community that understands how important it is to celebrate our achievements–no matter how small or big they may seem.

If you’re looking for ways to connect, here are some ways to get started:

1) Give a compliment:  If you notice a woman whose style you admire (whether it’s her clothes, her business acumen, her presence) take a moment to compliment her. Send her a handwritten note or an e-mail.

2) Get together: Ask another woman professional or entrepreneur to lunch or coffee and ask her about her career or business with the sole purpose of learning about her.  Curb your desire to add information about yourself.  So many of us just want the time to talk to someone who is truly interested in what we have to say…  with no strings.

Stuck for conversation starters?  Here are a few:

–What made you choose this career or business?

–How did you get started?

–What’s the most exciting thing about what you’re doing?

–How can I help you?

3) Offer help: Help out on a work project or a volunteer committee and help her achieve her goals.  You may expand your skill set in the process. Give helpful, respectful feedback and advice (helpful hint: ask first–“Can I give you some advice? Can I share an observation with you?”

4) Open doors: Make needed introductions or endorsements of her talents and skills.  Recommend her for projects or business. Share your network.

What other suggestions do you have?

Please plan to attend our next event…


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