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DURHAM, NC –  In celebration of its 20th anniversary touring production, RENT takes the stage here in Durham. This play is the Winner of four Tony awards and a Pulitzer Prize.  With its energetic stamina and its emotion-drawing pace, this musical will leave you wanting more.

The play takes place in New York City’s East Village in the late 1980’s capturing the bohemian lives of a group of artist friends Benny (Christian Thompson), Mark (Danny Harris Kornfeld), Maureen (Katie Lamark), Joanne (Jasmine Easler), MiMi (Skyler Volpe), Roger (Kaleb Well), Tom, Durham Native (Aaron Harrington), and Angel (Davirent-2d Merino) who endure the ups and downs life throws at them centering around various subjects of love, music, HIV/AIDS and of course rent in a year’s span.With its inspiring message of joy and hope in the face of fear, this timeless celebration of friendship and creativity reminds us to measure our lives with the only thing that truly matters — love.

This Rock Musical is loosely based on Puccini’s beloved opera La Bohème.  This play was written by Jonathan Larson who died suddenly the night before the play’s Off-Broadway premiere. RENT is choreographed by Marlies Yearby, directed by Evan Ensign and based on the original direction of Michael Greif.

The musical first premiered at New York Theatre Workshop and in 1993, and later moved to a bigger stage, Broadway’s Nederlander Theatre in 1996. In 2005, they premiered the movie “RENT” featuring most of the original cast.  This production has generated over $280 million.

RENT really touches on the harsh realities of living life in the big city while trying to make ends meet. The characters deal with harsh issues that the musical puts in perspective that draws the audience in emotionally. At this point, it is a MUST SEE! So go see RENT!

Rent will be at the DPAC from October 11-16

Tickets ranging from $25


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