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What is a Selfish Baby Mama?

Houston, TX – Many mothers, consciously or unconsciously, may not feel their behaviors exhibit forms of selfishness. However, a new book, entitled What is a Selfish Baby Mama?  by Ablyss Gillespie & Onney (pictured left), explains the emotional and physiological feelings from a father and child’s perspective of selfish behaviors displayed by mothers.

What is a Selfish Baby Mama?  begins with a selfish characteristic, CONTROL. The stories embedded in these pages range from not answering the door for visitation weekends for fathers, to withholding visitation when financial support is not provided. This book reflects many different scenarios that are explained not only from the father’s point of view, but also from the children of selfish mothers both minor and adult.

selfish-baby-mamaWhat is a Selfish Baby Mama?  was inspired by fathers that have expressed their concerns; that are custodial as well as non-custodial parents. The goal of this book is to bring awareness of selfish behaviors, while encouraging mothers to work towards raising the child in a healthy co-parenting relationship.

Selfish behaviors displayed by the baby Mama is not only for fathers, but mothers too. Healthy communication is important, and after reading What is a Selfish Baby Mama?, the goal is to promote calm, conducive and progressive communication between mothers and fathers from the child’s perspective.
What others are saying:

“Breaking down the simplest way of explaining how “WE” need to govern ourselves when children are involved.” — Lil Mo

“The perspective from both parents is scripted out so that you hear it coming from different voices, weaving through different scenarios.” — Mark Thierry, CEO, Destiny Wines

About the Authors:

CEO of Onney Publishing & Performances, Inc. and CEO of Selfish Subjects, Inc., Entertainment Editor and columnist for the Houston Sun Newspaper from the years of 2008-2011 and graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration from the University of Honolulu.

Ablyss Gillespie
CEO of Zalyns, Inc., a company that provides event coordinating services and specializes in producing and directing stage productions. Ablyss is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston with a MS degree in Leadership.


Book Details:
What is a Selfish Baby Mama?
By Ablyss Gillespie & Onney
164 pages
ISBN: 978­0997312812
Available as a hard copy and ebook on and


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