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Photo Gallery: Rising Stars Hair & Fashion Explosion

PHOTOS: Cammel Photography (Cammel Hurse, Photographer)

Durham, NC – The Rising Stars Hair & Fashion Explosion, held November 13th at the Durham Arts Council, is a bi-annual event designed to enhance and empower the youth of today. Presented by Cameleon Infinite Salon Solutions co-owners Samantha Huntley (former Creative Director – Bronner Brothers, Inc.’s International Hair & Fashion Show for 10+ years) and Master Stylist Fallon Bradley. The show was hosted by fashion mogul Katherine Neal of Vogue Modeling.  Fashion designs by Althea Thomas Womack, C’ameleon Ravers and selected Vintage apparel were featured. Hair for all of the models was styled by C’ameleon Infinite Hair Salon Solutions.

By showcasing the talents and abilities of our youth, giving them professional makeovers and glamorous runway-ready looks, their confidence is boosted to withstand any type of physical or verbal abuse or conflict they may encounter in the world today – whether at home, in school, and/or out in public.  Bullying begins to decrease, grades begin to improve, and making and keeping friends become much easier, just by participating in this event. Kids think you’re cool, young adults think you’re cool, and most importantly, the young people that participated in the Rising Stars Hair & Fashion Explosion think and feel cool!

Designer and cancer activist, Althea Thomas Womack showcased beautiful and whimsical clothing designs from recycled and repurposed materials. Her designs were birthed after winning a two time battle with cancer.

The show featured youth ages five – young adults age 23.  The Rising Stars Hair & Fashion Explosion models demonstrated how to work a runway as they paraded down the catwalk showing the latest in styles and fashion for the younger generation. Don’t miss this wonderful presentation designed to empower our youth and motivate them in school and beyond.

Click on the photos below and see the highlights from The Rising Stars Hair & Fashion Explosion…


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Samantha Huntley
Nothing tells the story of success like the one of Forecaster, Trendsetter, Educator, Beauty Columnist, Salon Owner, and Celebrity Master Hair Stylist Samantha "Sam" Huntley. Armed with a Bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University and a Cosmetology accreditation from Vance Granville Community College she began her dynamic beauty career. Huntley's unique and award winning hair creations instantly deemed her to be one of the most sought after hairstylist in Durham and the surrounding cities. In 1999 she became an International Brand Ambassador (educator) for the Professional Sales Division of Bronner Brother's Inc. While traveling throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe teaching her techniques to other hairstylists Huntley became driven to understand the structural composition of a strand of hair and how the hair shaft response to chemicals and ingredients of nature. She served as the Artistic and Educational Director (BB) Professional Sales Division from 2003 until 2014. Currently she shares her knowledge in her column in Spectacular Magazine.

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