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6 Natural Hair Styles for An Evening Out

Currently more and more African-American women with textured (curly) hair are selecting not to relax (permanently straighten) their curl patterns. So, there is a question that I am frequently faced with from guests of the salon, and general acquaintances with textured hair – how can I transform my look for an evening out while remaining chemical free?

Although they’ve made the decision to transition the hair to its natural state they are extremely unaware of vast styling options that are now within their reach.

An educated hairstylist using products that are therapeutic and hydrating can make taming and controlling your coils, or wave pattern, uncomplicated and playful while safely providing salon quest with the look they desire for your natural tresses.






Cammel Hurse


Amber’s very short crop top cut was transformed into a modern day twisted pompadour (a hairstyle arranged high from the forehead). This protective style was created by securing twisted Kanekalon® (synthetic-fiber) hair to five ponytails down the center of the head. For sleeping, Amber will use a wrap cap to secure the sides and nape area. For an after five outing, she should lightly spray her do with an Olive oil sheen spray. (Photo: Cammel Hurse)







Cammel Hurse


Brianna has the very high fashion yet still low maintenance protective style. Her natural hair was cornrowed. Then curly, coiled wefts (hair extensions) were sewn to the cornrows. The results…a beautiful textured tress that looks great wet or dry. Because the extensions were chemically treated with a permanent wave solution to achieve the curls and coils an essential oil (carrot or jojoba) should be used on the hair to keep the curls from drying out. Preparing for the evening events requires a quick shampoo and a leave -in conditioner to define the curls, and you are on your way. (Photo: Cammel Hurse)









Cassidy braided Mohawk was created by corn rowing (braiding a section of hair to lay flat along the scalp) her natural hair up toward the center of her head. Then Kanekalon hair was twisted and secured to the center of the head with untwisted tendrils (loose waves) framing the face to create a beautiful hairstyle that this 8-year-old thinks rocks. (Photo: Cammel Hurse)





Cuemadi White


Isabella’s Own Control It was used to mold Satosh’s natural mane into a perfectly sleek ponytail, and create the silk locks, and rope coils that adorn the crown area. (Photo:

Cuemadi White)























Lennard Devlin



A luxurious creamy blend of Shea butter and vitamins A, E, and F nourishes and defines Michelle’s coils while adding an aggressive shine to her fishtail braid that accents her twist set. (Photo: Lennard Devlin)









Yeng Moua



Start or maintain your locks with this growth promoting formula. Isabella’s Own Firm Licking Gel keeps Justice’s locks frizz free and with a high volume shine. (Photo: Yeng Moua)













The Hair Care Specialist at C’ameleon Infinite Salon Solution can safely provide any guest with the style they desire. Contact us for a consultation today.


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Samantha Huntley
Nothing tells the story of success like the one of Forecaster, Trendsetter, Educator, Beauty Columnist, Salon Owner, and Celebrity Master Hair Stylist Samantha "Sam" Huntley. Armed with a Bachelors degree from North Carolina Central University and a Cosmetology accreditation from Vance Granville Community College she began her dynamic beauty career. Huntley's unique and award winning hair creations instantly deemed her to be one of the most sought after hairstylist in Durham and the surrounding cities. In 1999 she became an International Brand Ambassador (educator) for the Professional Sales Division of Bronner Brother's Inc. While traveling throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Europe teaching her techniques to other hairstylists Huntley became driven to understand the structural composition of a strand of hair and how the hair shaft response to chemicals and ingredients of nature. She served as the Artistic and Educational Director (BB) Professional Sales Division from 2003 until 2014. Currently she shares her knowledge in her column in Spectacular Magazine.

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