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Stephen Barrington: My Dreams Are Valid

Stephen Barrington, an actor and Durham native, is back from Los Angeles to tell you that your dreams are valid. His background of drug dealing and doing just enough to get by makes his journey to Los Angeles nothing short of great.

Originally born in New York City, Barrington moved to Jamaica for a few years then relocated to Durham, NC with his mother and 3 siblings when he was 6. As a child he endured abuse, homelessness, and severe poverty. Things that he says only “motivate him to grind so much harder.” He spent a few years in the military then found himself on the campus of NC Central University pursuing a career in theatre.

A turning point in his life was during his tenure as Joe Crack in a local play “Ridin’ with Joe Crack.” He played the role of a drug dealer all while being one in the real world. The purpose of the play was to motivate and influence the younger generation thru theatre.

One afternoon, Barrington broke down, told the truth of his life and never looked back. He realized at that moment that his purpose in life was different from the path he was taking. His journey began here in Durham then Charlotte, then to Atlanta.

It was there he met an acting coach named Carl Ford (son of Tom Cruise’s coach) who did nothing but laugh at him…not his acting abilities but at him. The young man with great potential and endless drive in Atlanta, Georgia was not pursuing his dreams the right way. It was in that moment he realized that he was enough. Just him. Barrington says he owes everything back to this play, because “it made him who he is today.”

Stephen Barrington making his point.

Eventually Barrington moved to LA and he has not looked back since. One of his first major roles was a teacher in an Atlanta school during the Atlanta Teachers Cheating Scandal entitled Deficiency Notice. The role touched him deeply because he played a male teacher who was deeply rooted with his children. The role was relatable because the emotions he brought to the camera were real. He was just recently had a role in the Lifetime Premiere movie, the “Evil Nanny.”

Barrington thrives on inspiring the lives of young people by using himself as an example. He would like everyone to know “your dreams are valid.” He describes this role as one of his favorites to date because it made him realize he in fact is an artist. His platform is the camera and his roles were his purpose.

Barrington spends his free time working out, studying scripts, conversing with his agent, and even driving Uber. He has made an extremely desirable life for himself in LA and has no plans to slow down. His goals include becoming the biggest actor that ever lived, inspiring the younger generation through his art. He also plans to marry and spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend and model, Nubia Bowe.

Barrington will be picking up where he left off as Joe Crack in “Ridin’ with Joe Crack” this Saturday, January 21st at 8 pm. Tickets are free but must be reserved by contacting Mrs. Richmond @ 919.864.1989. For more info, visit

PHOTOS: Mel Brown

Stephen Barrington interviewed by Spectacular Magazine reporter Anjae Rayford.
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