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Guitarist/Composer Baron Tymas to Release New CD

On Saturday, February 11, guitarist/composer Baron Tymas will perform with his quartet at Beyú Caffé to celebrate the release of Montréal, his third cd as a leader. The group will feature saxophonist Annalise Stalls, bassist Aaron Gross and drummer Thomas Taylor, playing original music from the recording. CDs will be available at the venue.

The record is inspired by the warm-hearted city for which it is named, with some of the most superb jazz musicians associated with the place today. This project represents part of Baron’s experience as a Fulbright Fellow in late 2015, when he wrote most of the music based on the sights, sounds and people of the city. The songs reflect the harmonious and generally celebratory ambience of Montréal, the beautiful weather of an unusually warm fall, hectic travel on public transportation, the town’s incredible food, and the styles and musical personae of the players on the recording. A few of the tunes were written for and in other places–such as Durham and the beautiful island of Virgin Gorda.

“So what’s a jazz guitarist to do when he’s in Montreal on a Fulbright fellowship?  How about write some originals that are right in the pocket and find some like minded cats to lay it all down with.  One of those records where everything comes together so righteously that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it, this is a solid mainstream date that does nothing but hit all the right notes and hit them so   well.  A warm, inviting date inspired by the sights and sounds of such a chilly place, this is a great set of summery sounds to chase the winter blues away.  Well done.”    CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher, Midwest Record


LOCATION: BEYÚ CAFFÉ, 341 West Main Street, Durham, NC 27701

EVENT DATE/TIME: FEB 11, 2017, 7pm and 9pm

ADMISSION: or call 919.683.1058

ARTIST CONTACT: or (919)451-2600


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