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Meet MONIQUE HOLSEY–HYMAN: Spectacular Magazine 2017 Woman of the Year/Education

Dr. Monique Holsey–Hyman was one of two selected as the Spectacular Magazine 2017 Woman of the Year in the Education category. She is an Assistant Professor/ Curriculum Coordinator at Shaw University. Dr. Holsey-Hyman holds an Ed.D: Doctor of Education, Administration and Leadership from Walden University (Baltimore, MD); Master of Social Work (M.S.W.) with a concentration in Programming, Supervision, Family & Children Services from Columbia University (New York, NY); and a Bachelor of Science (BS), Concentration: Human Services and Sociology from State University of New York at Binghamton.

The criteria for the Education category are a woman who is driven by the need to help students succeed and has made significant gains toward eliminating the significant gap between the achievement levels of blacks and non-black students; woman of any race, color or creed who serves the African-American community is eligible.

Due to the large number of nominations in the Education category two awards were presented.

Recipients of the Spectacular Magazine 2017 Women of the Year were nominated by members of the community. The nominees are narrowed down to three semi-finalists in each category (six in the Community Service category). An on-line voting process affords the public to select the recipient. They are named at a Sunday’s Best Spectacular Magazine Women of the Year Awards Gala.

Dr. Holsey-Hyman tells us about her passion for education and her students as well as her teaching philosophy.
Spectacular Magazine (SM): Describe what makes you a successful leader in the area for which you were honored?

Dr. Monique Holsey-Hyman (MHH):

“Student Quotes”

“Dr. Hyman is a genuinely nice and caring person. If the class has questions, she is willing to discuss them until we fully understand the concepts behind and application of course material. She uses her field experience to help illustrate the coursework and make it real.”

“Dr. Hyman utilizes role play in class very effectively. She gives open feedback to student approaches in a productive and non-judgmental way”.

“Dr. Hyman is a great instructor; she is enthusiastic and full of energy. She presents her work with passion and helps one to have a positive attitude while learning the material. I feel that I have learned a lot in her class and I also see where I can improve on as a Social Worker. I have really enjoyed her as an instructor and hope that I can have her again throughout my

journey in pursuing my education. Thank you Dr. Hyman for showing how much you care for us”.

“Dr Hyman is a blessing to have as a professor. She is very humanistic with realistic expectations while maintaining high standards”.

Dr. Holsey-Hyman with her students at Shaw University.

I am a passionate educator with the belief that all students are capable of learning and encourage students to become lifelong learners. I try to develop individual students through promoting rich opportunities for learning both within and out of the classroom.  I hold all of my students to consistent, high expectations which help to promote an ambitious and a successful community of learning. I am humble, robust, and rigorous in terms of self-evaluation and data analysis which helps me to create clear strategies of improvement to educate the millennial student.

My teaching philosophy embraces the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics, which aims “to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed and living in poverty”. It is similar to my style of social work instruction which is to also educate, empower, and motivate students in an interactive and engaging instruction.

Student-centered pedagogy is an appropriate model when the teaching goals are developed to enhance critical thinking skills and to develop and/or improve the decision-making and problem solving skills of students. My teaching strategies include the use of dialogue, problem-solving activities, case studies, group work, and experiential exercises, all of which are skills that social work graduates must possess upon graduation. As a social work educator, I try to embrace the values of my profession, and demonstrate my strong commitment to the core principles and tasks of preparing competent master-level professional social workers at a Micro, Mezzo and Macro level. I find that my professional values relate to the principles and practice of student-centered teaching.


Dr. Holsey-Hyman with her students at Shaw University.

(SM): Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

MHH: There were three people in my life that had a tremendous impact on me as a leader. David Goldstein, a retired Deputy Director for The New York City Department of Social Services Administration/Child Welfare Division,  who saw my leadership ability  when I was just twenty-two years old. He appointed me as a Supervisor I in a Child Abuse and Neglect unit. This was my first administrative position which allowed me to gain supervisory experience to train, empower, and manage new social workers in the difficult field of Child Abuse and Neglect.

In addition, Dr. Pasquale DePetris, Chief Operating Officer at Steinway Child and Family Services Inc., who appointed me as the Director of  Steinway Child and Family Services Intensive Case Management  Program funded by the New York City Office of Mental Health  when I was twenty-seven years old. This opportunity allowed me to develop and organize a program for children with Axis I Mental Health diagnosis and Child Abuse and Neglect cases. This was an initiative developed by the New York State and City Office of Mental Health

Dr. Griffith Lockett, a retired Director of Social Work at Shaw University, afforded me my first opportunity in academia and to become an Assistant Professor in 2006 at Shaw University. He was monumental is developing the first accredited BSW program at Shaw University. I had the privilege of being under his tutelage and becoming a part of the first accreditation team in 2008 for the Shaw University BSW program. He gave me the opportunity to relocate to North Carolina and my first administrative position as the Curriculum Quality Coordinator at Shaw University in 2009. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. This opportunity offered me the experience to hold several administrative positions at Shaw University during my ten years of employment.

(SM): What problem or condition in your respective field do you want to solve or improve?

MHH: A critical education issue is stopping the “school to prison pipeline” and to improve school climate. This means creating inclusive school and college climates where all students achieve their maximum potential. It also means allowing more resources for educational systems that need additional supports to educate and produce global leaders.


(SM): What legacy will you like to leave behind?

MHH: The educational legacies that I would like to leave behind would be:

  • My ability to spark the interest of learning,
  • Empowering students to become excited about social justice and working with populations at risk.
  • Stressing the importance of obtaining higher level education.

 “Education is the key to opening closed doors and attaining success. It is the one thing no one can take from you”


(SM): What is at the top of your bucket list for 2017?

MHH: On my bucket list for 2017 I would like to begin to strategize to run for a political office in Durham North Carolina. In addition, I would also like to take horseback riding lessons.

Spectacular Magazine 2017 Women of the Year Awards Gala was sponsored by PNC, Coalesce Beauty, Orange Co/Chapel Hill Visitors Bureau & Carol Woods Retirement Village.

Nominations for the Spectacular Magazine 2017 Man of the Year will open February 5, 2017.

Highlights of Spectacular Magazine 2017 Women of the Year Awards Gala (Photos: Mel Brown):


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  1. Congratulation Dr. Hyman I am so excited for you . You really deserved this. You are the best . If it wasn’t for you I don’t know where I would be right now. Thank you for all that you do here at Shaw University .

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