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How To Forgive Anybody in 5 Simple Steps

Leroy Scott

As African Americans, we have always been told by our churches to forgive, but we were never showed how to do it. So we just said it. The approach to forgiveness African-American author, professional counselor and relationship coach Leroy Scott has created can change how people bounce back from what most people thought was only a myth, A Broken Heart.

Scott, who has been providing marriage, family, and relationship counseling since 1997, has recently released Un-breaking The Heart – a new book that addresses the importance of un-breaking a broken heart.

Scott believes that people can actually die from a broken heart and that historically only the symptoms of a broken heart have been treated, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations and others, without reviving the heart itself. Scott has been studying this issue for over 15 years, particularly within the African-American community and concludes that one of the biggest issues affecting African Americans is the residual affects of a broken heart that have never been unbroken.

Scott’s work is groundbreaking for the field of medicine, psychology, theology and counseling. “My book, Un-breaking The Heart, reveals not only how to do it, but how forgiveness works to un-break the broken heart,” says Scott.
About the Author
Leroy Scott, MS, MDiv, LPC, NCC is a nationally recognized Professional Counselor & Relationship Coach with over 15 years of private practice experience. He has written for popular magazines and been a guest on television and radio talk shows. He has built his reputation on saving families and relationships. He is known across the country as “The REAL-ationship Coach”. Leroy has become a new voice for men, women and families around the world. He has a unique way of being real, going deep and bringing insight that helps people fix their relationships. He has authored many other books such as Creating Possibilities in Marriage and Getting Inside Your Man.
About the Book
Un-breaking The Heart offers a simple 5-step process (Realization, Reconciliation, Redemptive, Revealing & Recovery) on how to forgive anybody for anything and move past the pain which is deeply masked sometimes by anger and rage.

The book helps people resolve anger and restore hope to their life, shows them how to forgive and explains what’s happening in each phase of the process, and helps them navigate through difficult emotions. Broken hearts are normally caused when people feel violated, abandoned or betrayed. They produce emotions and behaviors that promote an unhealthy lifestyle such as unresolved anger, irrational thoughts, self-persecutory guilt, low self-esteem, depression, unmanageable anxiety, difficulty focusing, concentrating and sometimes suicidal and homicidal ideations. The book offers an answer.
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