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Black Women in Business: Create a Stellar Signature Presentation

Speaking is one of the best ways to grow your business, your reputation, and your brand. Having a signature presentation that showcases your expertise while educating your audience is a key to saying YES! to speaking opportunities. A stellar signature presentation can be delivered at association meetings, networking and Meet Up groups, conferences, and other large gatherings of your target audience.

In this hands-on half-day workshop, you will learn 7 secrets for designing a compelling presentation that highlights your expertise. In a judgment-free zone, certified learning designer and presentation expert Wendy Gates Corbett will guide you as you:

  • Learn 7 secrets for engaging your audience while educating them
  • Start filling your ‘bucket’ with your own knowledge nuggets that you can use to tailor your signature presentation for different audiences
  • Outline your own signature presentation

Who Needs This Workshop?Refresher Training Flyer

Professionals who want to expand their brand and their customer base with presentations, including business owners, sales teams, consultants, and marketing professionals.

If you want to showcase your expertise, be a keynote speaker, market yourself and your business to potential and current clients, or build your professional brand within your company, this workshop is for you.

Wendy Gates-Corbett, CEO of Refresher Training, LLC leads, “Create A Stellar Signature Presentation The workshop includes lunch, ample opportunity to learn from an expert, and “lab” time to actually work on your presentation, while getting guidance and tips. Click here to find out details about the workshop.

Saturday, April 1, 2017
10 am – 2 pm
Includes lunch and all materials


Black Women In Business

Ingrid Jones (2017)
Ingrid Jones

Black Women In Business caters to the professional development needs of Black women leaders-those who work in corporations and nonprofits and those who are entrepreneurs. It is designed to bring together like-minded women who inspire, encourage and compassionately challenge each other to achieve their goals.

Ingrid Jones founded the community to create an environment that builds and celebrates the talents and skills of Black women leaders. Her professional experience includes community relations, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness and diversity. This combination inspired and is leveraged in Black Women In Business.

Phyllis Coley
Phyllis D. Coley is CEO/Publisher of Spectacular Magazine and Host of Spectacular Magazine Radio Show.

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