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Black Entrepreneur Launches Woody Wipes — Personal Hygiene Wipes For Men

Personal Hygiene for Men

Atlanta, GA — Ladies, are you tired of your man’s poor personal hygiene ”down there”? Are you tired of endlessly battling this issue with your man and taking one for the team? Has there been an unspoken issue of stench in the nether regions of men, but every time you look up there’s some commercial addressing personal hygiene for women? Wives, fiancés, and girlfriends it is time to start high-fiving each other because your silent prayer has been answered!

Entrepreneur Derek Collins has launched Woody Wipes – one of the first of its kind, personal hygiene wipes for men. Historically women have had an arsenal of products to keep it fresh in the bedroom, while many men are barely using soap and water. Well no more! It’s time to step into the new age.

More and more companies are finally giving male hygiene a second look, and for good reason. With the success of Axe, Bevel, Dollar Beard Club, companies are finding success with products specifically tailored for men.

Woody Wipes now enters the arena of personal hygiene products and delivers wipes that are formulated to knock out the nauseating odor of what Derek calls “funky balls”.

Woody Wipes are specially formulated to go above and beyond the performance of your average baby wipes in order to meet the demands of a man.

They are inexpensive, flushable, and useful for removing body butter, lent balls, funk, musk, and even come in pocket-sized pouches so they can be taken discreetly on the go.

Woody Wipes claims to freshen up the genitals after the gym, work, or sexual activity. The product is currently not available in stores, but is available for pre-order at and has a release date of June 1, 2017 – just in time for the summer!

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