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Workshop: Using Your Entrepreneurial Talents To Gain Business Momentum


What are you uniquely positioned to do as an entrepreneur? Examine your innate talents and learn how to best grow your business October 14, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm.  Knowledge about what you naturally do well can better position you to excel in your zone of genius while collaborating with others in key areas to make more of an impact.

At this workshop, sponsored by Black Women in Business, you will have the opportunity to complete the Gallup Builder Profile 10® assessment and receive a rank ordered list of your talents in advance for this interactive session, led by a Gallup Certified Coach, La Tondra Murray, Ph.D.

During this workshop, you will learn:

  • How a shift in mindset can better align talent with results
  • How to understand and leverage your specific business builder style
  • How to use your organic strengths to create complementary partnerships and teams

Lunch, your assessment, course materials and ample networking/connection opportunities are included! 

For more information and to RSVP, click here.

About La Tondra Murray

La Tondra Murray, Ph.D. is a productivity coach and engineering educator with a background in information technology, business and academia.  She serves individuals and teams who are committed to doing more of what matters most.  La Tondra has worked with more than 300 individuals in the areas of talent assessment, work-life integration and emerging leadership.  She is a credentialed coach as well as a certified Gallup Strengths practitioner, well versed in the Clifton StrengthsFinder and Builder Profile 10 assessments.  La Tondra has 20+ years of leadership experience in large-scale technology-based corporate and higher education environments

 About Black Women in Business

This group caters to the professional development needs of Black women leaders-those who work in corporations and nonprofits and those who are entrepreneurs. It is designed to bring together like-minded women who inspire, encourage and compassionately challenge each other to achieve their goals. 


We are mid-level and senior leaders in companies, corporations and nonprofits. We are high-level individual contributors. We are entrepreneurs who are growth-oriented. We are women of influence who are continuously growing in knowledge to lead strong teams with committed and talented employees and to build profitable businesses. Connect with us. 


We host regular professional development programs featuring thought leaders to help enrich and enhance leadership skills of women whether they are working for a company, corporation, nonprofit, or themselves. Our community of women provides online resources, networking opportunities, and more to help you achieve your professional goals. 


We foster an environment that inspires and celebrates growth and achievement, thus cultivating a climate of mentorship, professional development, and information sharing. We also showcase the accomplishments of noteworthy women to highlight excellence and to enable other women to learn from their experiences.

Ingrid Jones (2017)
Ingrid Jones

About the Founder 

Ingrid Jones founded the community to create an environment that builds and celebrates the talents and skills of Black women leaders. Her professional experience includes community relations, leadership development, executive coaching, organizational effectiveness and diversity. This combination inspired and is leveraged in Black Women In Business.

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