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New Feature! Aura Galleria UNLEASHED

Aura Galleria

Welcome to Aura Galleria UNLEASHED, the latest Spectacular Magazine bi-monthly feature presented by Aura Galleria professionals. Aura Galleria proprietor Gia Peeples, along with her team, have built a reputation of delivering the highest quality of services. As a multicultural, full-service salon, day spa and boutique located in Durham North Carolina, there are no limits to the services in which Aura performs. Aura Galleria UNLEASHED feature will be no different. Women and men readers will receive the latest beauty and fashion tips, hair ideas, and makeup advice.  Aura Galleria UNLEASHED will keep you informed of Aura Hot Topics meetups, a mini-forum style, and fashion and beauty events in the area. Aura Galleria UNLEASHED will leave you with the knowledge and information to “Unleash Your Inner Beauty!”

Phyllis Coley, Publisher


Meet Gia Peebles

Aura Galleria
Gia Peeples

Gia Peebles is a master stylist and savvy entrepreneur with over a decade of experience. With a charming personality, remarkable smile and the ability to multitask, Gia has become a master in the cosmetology industry – styling an array of prominent women and men in business and entertainment, in addition to her existing and growing clientele. 

Highly sought after to style for professional photo shoots, editorials, and fashion segments, Gia is quickly becoming an industry leader and a household name. She has the flawless ability to cut, color, weave and style which is apparent by her multi-cultural client base. Gia grew up in California, where she was exposed to diversity, culture and the uniqueness of women and men of all ethnicities. During this time, she became familiar with varying hair textures, styling, and coloring needs. Gia intertwined her experience, creativity, and affinity for hair care to unleash the inner beauty of each individual’s crown and glory she touches.

Over the years, Gia has worked with renowned artisans in the cosmetology industry. A few notable accomplishments of Ms. Peebles include: serving as a technical assistant for Belinda Baker (Educator and Stylist to the Stars); she became a technician for McBride Research Laboratory, Inc. (Home of Design Essentials); and recently styled Shane Ingram, chef and co-owner of Four Square Restaurant for a live cooking demo during “Triangle Restaurant Week” (Aired on WRAL). Regular celebrity clients include recording artist, Sunshine Anderson; Jazz Vocalist Adia Ledbetter, National Recording Artist Yolanda Rabun, Talk Show host and Attorney at Law Ms. Star Jones and more.

Individuals with high standar

ds, stunning brides, industry insiders, and women and men with a penchant for luxury will appreciate Gia’s expertise and the offerings at Aura Salon & Boutique. Gia Peebles graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Her education landed her a position with a prominent law firm.  However, she quickly realized that her passion was for personal beauty and being an entrepreneur.


Aura Galleria UNLEASHED: Hot Topics & Auramosas Jan. 27th

By Gia Peeples

Aura GalleriaIf you haven’t joined us for an Aura Hot Topics meetup… you are missing out on a real treat! This mini-forum style meetup is taking a shape of its own, and it is our way to help promote all things good throughout our community. You can join in on the conversation or just kick back with a mimosa and take it all in. 

Hot Topics will take place on January 27 from 12 pm – 2 pm at The Aura Galleria located at 3742 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd in Durham, NC.

As always, we do not want to overwhelm you, but do know that we also want to keep you in the loop. And if you think I’m not going to mention hair, you must know better. Whether it is a new cut, some color or a special occasion up-do, we’ve got you covered.

Here is an excerpt from an article I was reading that is the basis for our Hot Topics discussion on January 27…Who Defines Your Sexy?

(Posted by Amanda in women’s issues

Growing up she received mixed messages about being sexy. Advertisements and pop culture were telling her she had to be as sexy as possible, whereas her family and other teenagers made it clear that women who were perceived as being too sexy were dirty and bad. For her, that meant that she played it safe and wore very conservative things even though they weren’t necessarily her style. She began to see her body not as something to be proud of but as something that could cause you to get cast out. Similarly, she tried hard to walk that very thin line that all women are forced to tread between what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable for a woman to do. She kept quiet instead of speaking up. She allowed other people to put themselves forward rather than put herself forward. She didn’t even dance like she wanted to for fear someone would judge her. “We need to reclaim the word Sexy”.

Being sexy isn’t about wearing the lowest neckline or the highest slit. No, it’s about how you feel in your own skin. It’s about how you hold yourself and the confidence you have. It’s about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and doing what you want. It’s about shutting out the voices around you telling you that you’re not good enough, too much of this, or not enough of that. It’s about having the audacity to just be who you want to be and ignore a whole culture trying to make you into something else. 

Gia Peeples is proprietor of and master stylist at Aura Galleria, located at 3742 Durham-Chapel Hill Blvd in Durham, NC. She can be reached at 919-419-9868 or

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