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Honoring The Accomplishments Of Women: Anita Daniels

Anita Daniels is President & CEO of actualities limited, a counseling service agency she founded in 2002 that blends spirituality and psychotherapy. Daniels chose ‘actualities’ to encourage individuals seeking counseling to be real with themselves and others about who they are including their strengths, limitations, desires, and fears. The definition of actuality is, ‘the state of being real, actual.’ No games. No masks. No facades. No excuses.

Daniels obtained a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from East Carolina University, A founding member of National Alliance of Social Workers in Sports, Daniels obtained a graduate certificate in Sports Counseling from California University of Pennsylvania affording her the opportunity to counsel athletes and consults with collegiate staff about the unique needs of athletic populations.  

Anita Daniels was selected as the Spectacular Magazine 2017 Woman of the Year in the Health category. The criteria for the Health category are a woman who dedicated her career toward the welfare and advancement of minority health and the elimination of health disparities; has taken action to further the goals of improving the health status of all racial and ethnic minority Americans; efforts to develop new and innovative solutions has left a significant impact on closing the health gap; woman of any race, color or creed who serves the African-American community is eligible.

Recipients of the Spectacular Magazine 2017 Women of the Year were nominated by members of the community. The nominees are narrowed down to three semi-finalists in each category (six in the Community Service category). An on-line voting process affords the public to select the recipient. They are named at a Sunday’s Best Spectacular Magazine Women of the Year Awards Gala.

Anita talks about her genuine care and concern for her patients, especially those with limited resources. 

SPECTACULAR MAGAZINE (SM): Describe what makes you a successful leader in the area for which you were honored?

ANITA DANIELS (AD): A genuine care and concern for the well-being of my patients, particularly those with limited resources and knowledge about how to access the resources they need and for which they are eligible.  My expansive career and relationships I have established over the years allows me to think critically about how to assist them and when appropriate, refer them to the appropriate community resource to aid in their overall success and well-being.
(SM): Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader?

(AD): Yes, Richard Christian.  He was the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at my high school.  When he noticed I was not in college after graduating, (I was 19 and unemployed), he encouraged me to go to college.  Because of him, coupled with my grandparents, the late Reverend Frank L. and Janie W. Daniels, and my mother, the late Jannie Daniels Powell, I am the woman I have become.  They instilled values, character, and integrity that have shaped who I am as a woman and a professional.  I am the first college graduate on both sides of my family.  My family taught me the value of discipline and hard work, and Mr. Christian taught me the importance of a college education.  I pray they are pleased with the final results.

(SM): What problem or condition in your respective field do you want to solve or improve?

(AD): I recently obtained a graduate certificate in Sports Counseling because I see news stories every day of the challenges facing collegiate and pro athletes.  They are a unique population with special circumstances and stressors the regular client does not face.  Being scrutinized publicly EVERY DAY ALL THE TIME is extremely stressful and often overwhelming.  Working with athletes and the people who serve them will be my swan song as I transition to wrapping up my career as a social worker.

(SM): What legacy will you like to leave behind?

(AD): That I helped coach, prepare, and provide professional opportunities for other mental health clinicians to exercise and explore their craft with poise, grace, dignity, and integrity, and that all my patients, including athletes, feel they received the best possible care from a woman who believed they could be ALL they ever intended to be and more!

(SM): What is at the top of your bucket list for 2017?

(AD): I love to write and have penned more than 300 journals.  At the top of my bucket list is to crank out at least ONE of the 10 books roaming around in my head!  I have a lot of good, simple advice to make life easier.  I know because when I tell my patients, I see their faces relax, and they say, “I never thought of it like that before.”

In May 2018 Spectacular Magazine will recognize the brightest innovators and game-changers between the ages of 18-35 who are transforming the world in their own way with the inaugural Spectacular Magazine Millennial of the Year Awards in the categories of Arts, Activism, Athletics, Beauty, Community Service, Education, Entrepreneurship, Health & Fitness, Public Figure & Technology.

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