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CHCCS Honors Staff at Annual Recognition Reception; Jasmine Johnson Named 2018-19 Teacher of Year

Jasmine Johnson

Chapel Hill, NC – Jasmine Johnson of Scroggs Elementary, was named the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools (CHCCS) Teacher of the Year at the annual Recognition Reception on May 8 at Carrboro High.

Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson

Johnson is a fifth-grade teacher with five years of teaching experience.  She holds a bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education from Appalachian State University. Johnson received a $1,000 check from Pinnacle Financial Partners, as well as gifts from area businesses.

Jasmine Johnson
Tijuana Goodwin
Jasmine Johnson
Christen Campbell

“Jasmine Johnson is a prime example of what is right about the teaching profession,” said Superintendent Pam Baldwin. “She is an amazing educator, beloved colleague and tremendous example for all of us. We are so thankful to have her in our school district.”

Two Honor Teachers were also named on Tuesday. They are Tijuana Goodwin of McDougle Middle and Christen Campbell of Chapel Hill High School. They each received a $500 check from the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation (PSF) and gifts from local businesses.

Other Teachers of the Year were recognized with $100 checks from PSF and gifts from local businesses.  They are: Susan Murray, Carrboro Elementary; Hannah Murphy, Ephesus Elementary; Corissa Gamble, Estes Hills Elementary; Daniella Buenaventura, FPG Bilingüe Elementary; Suzanee McNulty, Glenwood Elementary; Alison Davis, McDougle Elementary; Kathleen Carswell, Morris Grove Elementary; Alder Keene, Northside Elementary; Gretchen Pegram, Rashkis Elementary; Chelsea Robinette, Seawell Elementary; Molly Caudill, Culbreth Middle; Kaleigh Vogan, Phillips Middle; Beth Kinney, Smith Middle; Stefan Klakovich, Carrboro High; Evon Barnes, East Chapel Hill High; and Clyde McPherson, Phoenix Academy High.

Teacher of the Year gifts were provided by:  A Better Image Printing, Chapel Hill Restaurant Group, Office Depot and University Florist.

The Mary Scroggs Award for Excellence in Providing Support Services recognizes one classified staff member from each school and several Lincoln Center departments.  The award recipient is Laila Bradford, the IT business systems specialist with the Information Technology Department at Lincoln Center, who also received a $1,000 check.  Two Honor Recipients were named.  They are Crystal Brooks, the receptionist at Northside Elementary, and Shaunna Jeffries, a teacher assistant at FPG Billingüe.  They each received $500.

Other Classified Staff of the Year, who each received $100, are:  Raymond Miles, EC teacher assistant, Carrboro Elementary; Jo Ann Hodges, receptionist, Ephesus Elementary; Jody Benedict, EC teacher assistant, Estes Hills Elementary; Karl Pace, teacher assistant, Estes Hills Elementary; Sally Massengale, science specialist, Glenwood Elementary; April Siler, teacher assistant, McDougle Elementary; Mary Mateer, receptionist, Morris Grove Elementary; Mary Battista, receptionist, Rashkis Elementary; Jennifer Elton, teacher assistant, Scroggs Elementary; Sarah Silverstein, data manager, Seawell Elementary; Theresa Collins, data manager, Culbreth Middle; Kathleen Mitchell, receptionist, McDougle Middle; Jeri Wilson, data manager, Phillips Middle; Thomas Scroggs, data manager, Smith Middle; Quiana Phillips, school secretary, Carrboro High; Teresa Dawson, secretary, Chapel Hill High; Sara Adcock, technology assistant, East Chapel Hill High; Thomas Britton, secretary, Instructional Services Division, Lincoln Center; Antonio Salas, grounds foreman, Facilities/Maintenance, Lincoln Center; and Chuck Lockhart, lead bus driver, Transportation.

Stefanie Mazva-Cohen, school counselor at Culbreth Middle, received the Exceptional Children Student Services Staff of the Year Award, as well as a check for $500.  The two Honor Recipients are Emily Burrows, Autism support specialist at McDougle Elementary, and Cynthia Zwiacher, school nurse at Scroggs Elementary.  They each received $250.

The other ECSS Staff of the Year, who each received $50, are: Katie Harrison, school social worker, Carrboro Elementary; Marne Meredith, school social worker, Ephesus Elementary; Ashley Hudson, speech language pathologist, Estes Hills Elementary; Rebecca Fox, speech language pathologist, FPG Bilingüe; Wendy Johnston, school social worker, Glenwood Elementary; Stacey Rader, EC program facilitator, Morris Grove Elementary; Candice Norwood, school social worker, Northside Elementary; Dionne Silvester, school psychologist, Rashkis Elementary; Lisle Pearman, EC program facilitator, Seawell Elementary; Kathy Kauffmann, school counselor, McDougle Middle; Allison Crosetto, school social worker, Phillips Middle; Wendy Lee, speech language pathologist, Smith Middle; Linda Karcher, SAP/504 coordinator

, Carrboro High; Stefanie Kotzen, school social worker, Chapel Hill High; Jessica Harris, school counselor, East Chapel Hill High; and Melissa Breaden, school social worker, Pre-K/Head Start.

Classified and EC staff of the Year gifts were provided by FSI Office and University Florist.

Other staff awards were also presented at the event.

John Williams of Phoenix Academy High was recognized as the district’s Principal of the Year, while Tiffany Cheshire of Phillips Middle was named the district’s Assistant Principal of the Year.  Bill Mullin, facilities management executive director, received the Award for Excellence in District Administration.

Janine Barr of Glenwood Elementary received the CHC Promising New Teacher Award.  Kirsten Gardner Venema of Ephesus Elementary was the recipient of the Jeannette Blackwell Mentor Teacher Award.   Shawna Catlett of Ephesus Elementary was named the recipient of the Elmo’s Award for Excellence in Teaching English Language Learners and World Language.  Kate Kennedy of Lincoln Center and Mintzy Paige of Carrboro High received the MSAN (Minority Student Achievement Network) Equity Equals Excellence Award.  Kathryn Edelstein of East Chapel Hill High was awarded The Reckford Teaching Prize (a new award this year).

The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate (BRMA) program presented two Excellence in Equitable Teaching Awards.  These award recipients are selected by the students in BRMA.  The middle school award went to Jessica Grinnell of Culbreth Middle, and Michael Irwin of Chapel Hill High received the high school award.

Representatives of PSF were on hand to present both new and renewing Teaching Chairs. Michael Sharp of Culbreth Middle is the Neil Pedersen Teachers First Chair for Excellence in Classroom Technology.  Mackenzie Casey of Smith Middle is the Mel and Zora Rashkis Chair for Excellence in Teaching Health and PE (a new award this year).  Amy Brazasky of Morris Grove is the Sockwell Chair for Excellence in Teaching in the Primary Grades (Pre-K-2).  Anthony Swarigen of Carrobor High is the Bernadine Sullivan Chair for Excellence in Teaching High School English or Social Studies.  Molly Caudill of Culbreth Middle is the GlaxoSmithKline Chair for Excellence in Teaching Middle School Science or Math.

Renewing chair recipients were also honored on Tuesday.  Denise Keene of Smith Middle is the Kim Hoke Chair for Excellence in Teaching Exceptional Children.  Ann Daaleman of Phillips Middle is the PTSA Chair for Excellence in Teaching Cultural Arts.  Morgan May of Culbreth Middle is the Burton Stuart Chair for Promising New Teachers of Secondary Math or Science.  Candace Crothers of Glenwood Elementary is the Upper Elementary Chair for Excellence in Teaching Innovation.

Ten teachers were recognized for earning their National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  They join the more than 300 other CHCCS teachers who have earned their National Boards.  They are:  Melissa Barry, Carrboro High; Edward Baruch, Phillips Middle; Sophia Bauers, East Chapel Hill High; Stephanie Bruce, Morris Grove Elementary; Molly Caudill, Culbreth Middle; Sarah Cornette, Scroggs Elementary; William Giblin, Culbreth Middle; Ashley Sherman, Ephesus Elementary; William Vincent, East Chapel Hill High; and Jessica Wallace, Chapel Hill High.

Nineteen employees (of the more than 45) were recognized for retiring from the district this year. They include:  Sarita Allen-Medlin, Lincoln Center; Betty Berryhill, Carrboro Elementary; Susan Brandt, Lincoln Center; Marianne Henderson, Smith Middle; Kathleen Kauffmann, McDougle Middle; Alice Lassiter, Carrboro Elementary; Geneva Long, Chapel Hill High; Lavern Manzano, Lincoln Center; Sally Massengale, Glenwood Elementary; Jamilah Moye, Carrboro Elementary; Sandra Murphy, Chapel Hill High; Fay Nourani, Northside Elementary; Teresa Peters, Morris Gove Elementary; Debbie Phelps, McDougle Elementary; Susan Poole, UNC Hospital School; Beverly Roberson, Transportation; Betty Wooten, Carrboro High; John Wykoff, Lincoln Center; and Cynthia Zwiacher, Scroggs Elementary.

Employees were also honored for attaining milestones of service with CHCCS.  Sarita Allen-Medlin, a PAC teacher in Human Resources at Lincoln Center, was honored for her 35 years of service.

Seven employees were honored for having 30 years of service to CHCCS.  They are:  Karla Boreiko, Estes Hills Elementary; Phylis Cook-Mack, Seawell Elementary; Ann Cramer, Seawell Elementary; Natalie Faircloth, McDougle Elementary; Melodie Majette, Rashkis Elementary; Douglas Noell, Lincoln Center; and Carlos Perera, Seawell Elementary.

Employees with 25 years of service included:  Linda Fyle, Scroggs Elementary; Carla Gilchrist, Glenwood Elementary; Carmen Hackney, Rashkis Elementary; Sharon Henley, Morris Grove Elementary; Mary Hill, Seawell Elementary; Wanda King, Morris Grove Elementatry; Sarah Massengale, Glenwood Elementary; Tricia Thompson, Scroggs Elementary; Anglea Short, Phillips Middle; and Suzanne Stokes, Morris Grove Elementary.

Employees with 20 years of service included:  Roberto Aponte, Lincoln Center; Marla Brown, McDougle Elementary; Jinnie Burnette, Chapel Hill High; Holly Clark, Morris Grove Elementary; Jason Curtis, Chapel Hill High; Lisa Decesaris, McDougle Middle; Tracey Farrar, East Chapel Hill High; Anthony George, Lincoln Center; Yikaalo Habte, Phillips Middle; Jerri Humphries, Chapel Hill High; Michael Irwin, Chapel Hill High; Kathleen Kauffmann, McDougle Middle; Barbara Link, Culbreth Middle; Issac Marsh, Chapel Hill High; Magaret Maternowski, McDougle Middle; Janelle Price, Chapel Hill High; Karen Sanders, East Chapel Hill High; Roy Smith, Phillips Middle; John Walker, Transportation Department; and Linda Williford, Seawell Elementary.

The annual Recognition Reception is hosted in collaboration with the Public School Foundation (PSF).

“Taking this evening to honor educators throughout the district is something I look forward to all year.  We don’t just honor teachers – we honor staff members and their accomplishments from all areas of Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools.  Everyone spotlighted with awards tonight are held up by their peers as being the best at what they do.  All those who spent 20 or more years serving our community are the epitome of dedicated.  And all of our retirees have worked hard, educating generations and have earned our thanks as they start a new journey,” said Superintendent Pam Baldwin.  “Who wouldn’t want to celebrate these successes?” 

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