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Samantha Huntley


Samantha Huntley

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Meet “Sam”…


Forecaster, trendsetter, educator, administrator, salon owner, fashion stylist, and master hairstylist Samantha Huntley served as the Education and Artistic Director for Bronner Brothers (BB) Professional  Sales Division from 2003- 2014.  Although it is extremely rare for one individual to hold both positions, this dynamic Durham North Carolina native’s stellar background declares she is well equipped to handle the job.


Part of her unique responsibilities were to ensure that each educator under her tutelage have a strong understanding of the ingredients in all BB Professional Sales products and how these ingredients contribute not only to hair care but also the execution of the hottest techniques that yield a plethora of exciting Runway-Worthy looks.


As the Education and Artistic Director for Bronner Brothers, Sam was also heavily immersed in the Professional Sales Production for BB International Beauty Show.  She selected the educators, the models, make-up artist, talents, the lighting and props for the stage, as well as the overall theme for the show.


“Sam” as she is affectionately called, shares her wealth of hair care knowledge and the hottest techniques with Spectacular Magazine readers. Sam is also available for private hair care consultations and to provide you with “The Ultimate Beauty Experience” at her beautiful salon.



(919) 599-6525

1920 East NC Highway 54, Durham, NC 27713

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