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The Precious Gift of Life: April Is National Donate Life Month

April Donate Life Month

National Donate Life Month (NDLM) features an entire month of local, regional and national activities to help encourage Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors and to celebrate those that have saved lives through the gift of donation.

Community Health Coalition, License To Give Trust Commission and our community partners are collaborating throughout April to promote organ and tissue donation awareness during National Donate Life Month. Our theme this year is Precious Gift of Life, which is what the donation and transplant community seeks to do in their ongoing efforts to save and enhance lives through organ and tissue donation.

Over the next 12 months, Community Health Coalition will embark upon an ambitious project to continue to educate the community on the myths surrounding organ and tissue donation, in addLysandra Castroition to the subject of end of life planning. Look to learn more from professionals, health care providers, clergy, financial and estate planners and funeral home directors on how we can prepare for the inevitable.

The story of Lysanda — a person who is in need — illustrate the positive outcomes that can occur through the donation community’s efforts to spread hope. We encourage you to read her stories and share them with others.

The Need for Minority Donations

Due to many chronic diseases, the need for transplants is very high among African Americans. Diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure often result in the need for kidney and heart transplants. There are high numbers of African Americans on the list waiting to receive organ transplants. Most often they are waiting for hearts and kidneys. In many cases, individuals die before an organ becomes available.

Did You Know?

  • African-Americans and Hispanics are three times more likely to suffer from kidney disease than Caucasians;
  • African-Americans have greater incidences of high blood pressure (hypertension) which can lead to kidney failure;
  • Native Americans are four times more likely than Caucasians to suffer from diabetes.

On behalf of our mission, we ask that you please consider becoming an organ donor! Watch The Precious Gift of Life documentary to learn more. Visit our website: CLICK HERE

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