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TONIGHT: Vigil for Racial Justice and Equality – Durham

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Durham, NC – On Sunday, August 13, at 6 pm, North Carolinians will gather at CCB Plaza in downtown Durham for a candlelight vigil in support of racial justice and equality and in opposition to the white supremacist hatred on display in Charlottesville, VA. this weekend. This gathering will afford attendees the opportunity to mourn those affected by white supremacist terror, demand that our elected officials condemn the racist views espoused by Unite the Right participants, and publicly commit ourselves to resisting the cancer of white supremacy.

This weekend, hate groups and domestic terrorists of all stripes went to Charlottesville, VA to push their hateful message of white supremacy, fascism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry.

When they got there they waged violence on unarmed anti-racists, killing several and injuring many others. We mourn for the lives that were lost, and we will honor all those under attack by congregating against hate in our own communities.

The vigil is sponsored by various community organizing groups, including: Carolina Peace Center, Durham For Organizing Action; Indivisible: Triangle Daily Call to Action; IndivisiBull (Formerly Indivisible Durham); Indivisibles NC – Indivisible Groups of North Carolina – District 1; Protecting Progress in Durham; Together We Will North Carolina; Tuesdays with Tillis.

On the organizer’s Facebook page they state ‘Tonight we mourn and stand in solidarity. In the days to come, we march.’

Please bring candles (and a way to light them) and/or flashlights.

Children are welcome at this event but encourage parents to use discretion as the incidents that prompted this event are likely to be discussed and may be inappropriate or uncomfortable for some.

The vigil will feature a number of speakers, not all have been confirmed at this time.

If your group would like to get involved, please email

Link to event information:

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