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The Black Church and the Digital Divide: Take an Important Survey

Values Partnerships helps foundations, nonprofit organizations and private companies partner with faith-based, ethnic and other grassroots influencers to achieve measurable results and expand the common good.

Currently Values Partnerships is working with Google and several major denominations to survey church members about how they use technology. They’re interested in how the Black church can be critical partners in closing the “digital divide,” the gulf between those who have access to the internet and technological tools and those who do not.

Do you attend a predominately African American church and are you passionate about closing the digital divide? Take this short survey, and stay tuned for more information about how to partner with Values Partnerships on this issue.

About Values Partnerships

Values Partnerships are dreamers and doers. Values Partnerships are activists and realists. Values Partnerships know the power of faith-based, ethnic, and community partnerships to solve problems, and change the world. They take on causes and clients they believe in – and then Values Partnerships work with you to build grassroots partnerships and advocacy campaigns to advance goals, and mobilize customers, constituencies and audiences worldwide.

Let’s get concrete: Values Partnerships help health care providers partner with faith communities to improve public health in local neighborhoods. They help media companies grow and expand religious and ethnic audiences. Values Partnerships work with foundations, nonprofits and governments to build faith community networks that solve specific social problems, from fatherlessness to hunger. They build advocacy campaigns for social causes, based in our extensive media experience and relationships. Values Partnerships assist private companies in solving problems and reaching new markets within grassroots communities, forming partnerships with real value. And Values Partnerships help religious organizations navigate the public square.

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